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Binance.UK opens

Binance will launch a regulated Bitcoin exchange in the UK


Binance will launch a digital asset trading platform in the UK. It will target both retail and institutional investors. The unit will be regulated by the local FCA regulator, reports Reuters. Binance.UK will support 65 crypto coins, which will be denominated in euros and pounds. Deposits and...

BitMEX scam UK FSA

The British regulator classified BitMEX as potential scam


The UK Financial Conduct Authority has warned investors that the BitMEX cryptocurrency derivatives exchange has not received permission to operate in the country and could potentially conduct fraudulent activities. The regulator recalled that almost all companies and individuals offering financial...

FCA - final cryptocurrency assets manual

UK: The final guide to cryptocurrency assets presented


The Financial Conduct Authority of Great Britain (FCA) has published the final version of the cryptocurrency assets manual, indicating which of them fall under its jurisdiction. Most of the published rules were submitted in January of this year, and, as expected, the final wording does not contain...

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