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US Securities and Exchange Commission News and Articles


SEC plans to acquire tools for analyzing smart contracts


The US Securities and Exchange Commission plans to acquire tools for analyzing smart contracts. On July 30, the regulator announced its intention to conclude a contract for the purchase of "tools for analyzing smart contracts in a distributed ledger." The SEC announced its interest in...

Zap startup Bitcoin

Lightning-solutions developer Zap raised $3.5 million


The US startup Zap, as part of its investment round earlier this year, attracted $3.5 million in funding. The company disclosed relevant information in a report to the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). Just out: Visa partner Zap secretly raised $3.5 million from the unicorn-maker behind...


SEC introduces accelerated proposal review process


The US SEC announced that it intends to simplify the application process for investment companies, which could also significantly accelerate decision-making on proposals from cryptocurrency and blockchain companies. On July 6, on its website, SEC announced that it had voted in favor of an...

New York City District Court

The court made Telegram report on all transactions of Grams


The New York City District Court inquired Telegram to present the SEC with all information about the placement of the Gram digital currency. Pavel Durov’s advocates and delegates of the US regulator will meet to discuss the terms of transaction disclosure between the organization and investors....


Telegram agreed to transfer part of TON documents to SEC


The team of Pavel Durov agreed to transfer part of the documentation about his crypto project Telegram Open Network for consideration by the SEC. That was reported the day before by business media concerning the press center of the American regulator. Reporters learned that Telegram is ready to...

Teshuater scam

SEC accuses a couple of fraud with tokens provided by water


The US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has accused a Texas couple of tricking hundreds of people through several fraudulent investment offers. According to SEC, former pastor Larry Donnel Leonard and his wife Shuwana Leonard raised nearly half a million dollars from 500 investors through...

Telegram ban to sell GRAM

Telegram can't sell Gram to investors of other countries


The Southern District of New York State Federal Court dismissed Telegram Group Inc’s request for clarification of a temporary ban on the transfer of Gram digital tokens to customers. The decision was received on Wednesday in the electronic database of the court. Judge Kevin Castel, who is...

Telegram SEC John Hyman

Telegram investor confirms SEC's arguments against platform


The US Securities and Exchange Commission has taken evidence from former Telegram investment adviser John Hyman. He said that in 2018 Telegram sold investment contracts for Gram tokens not only to TON platform investors but also to underwriters who were involved for wider distribution of tokens....

Pavel Durov

Pavel Durov was interrogated in Dubai for two days


It was supposed that Pavel Durov is going to be interrogated in Dubai on January 7 and 8, and it actually happened. The transcript of the interrogation follows from the document in which Durov explains to the lawyers of the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) how much money he spent on...

TON investors Gram

Russia, Israel, Pavel's Fan Club: who are TON's investors


The US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) repeatedly appealed to the court with a request to receive evidence from John Hyman, whom Pavel Durov Telegram CEO called the chief investment adviser of the company and the person “involved in the distribution of Gram tokens”. It is reported by...

TON developers Telegram

Telegram will pay $235000 to developers of solutions for TON


Representatives of the Telegram messenger reported that a prize fund of $235,000 will be distributed among 41 participants in the TON project solution developers contest. The largest winnings $28,750 will be received by Sexy Chameleon, who worked on asynchronous payment channels and a multisig...

Paxos' permission

Paxos got a green light to settle assets on a blockchain


Paxos Trust Co., a blockchain firm that works with economic organisations, received permission to settle stock trades in real-time, which can become a real menace to the Depository Trust & Clearing Corp.’s half-century investment market dominance. The US Securities and Exchange Commission...

SEC crypto law

SEC: crypto market is less likely to violate securities laws


The US Securities and Exchange Commission is increasingly seeing "flagrant violations" of law by cryptocurrency market participants. This was stated by the head of the department Jay Clayton, reports Bloomberg Law. Speaking at a financial technology conference in Washington, Clayton said...

Gram token

Telegram may delay the launch of Gram


Securities and Exchange Commission got a controlling plan to prevent the trade of Gram in the US. After this, Telegram is thinking about changing the day of the crypto launch. As to SEC accusation, investors purchased rights for Telegram’s token at a significant premium, with the prospective to...


The chance of Bitwise Bitcoin ETF approval by SEC is 0.01%


The Bitwise's app for the launch of BTC ETFs is extremely unlikely to be approved by the US Securities and Exchange Commission and does not exceed 0.01%, said American lawyer Jake Cherwinski, who specializes in crypto. According to him, VanEck and SolidX withdrew the app to launch a Bitcoin-based...

Beta version of Hedera Hashgraph core network launched

Beta version of Hedera Hashgraph core network launched


On Tuesday, September 17, a public beta of the Hedera Hashgraph PoS blockchain was launched with a declared bandwidth of 10,000 Tps. We did it. The trust layer of the internet is here. What future will you build? #HelloFuture #BREAKING #BreakingNews...


SEC fined Russian ICORating $268 thousand


Russian-based research firm ICORating has agreed to pay fines of $268,998 to the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). SEC Charges ICO Research and Rating Provider With Failing to Disclose It Was Paid to Tout Digital Assets— SEC_News (@SEC_News) August 20, 2019...

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