Is Flavio Briatore Involved in Bitcoin Up?

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Flavio Briatore and BTC up

Several online sources recently have spread the rumour that Italian businessman Flavio Briatore has recommended the use of Bitcoin systems and claim that he has made a fortune through Bitcoin Up. After the inquiry of journalists, it became clear that the entrepreneur had never suggested the use of the Bitcoin system. His name was exploited just to attract more people.

It's worth to mention that Flavio Briatore is a successful businessman and his popularity has nothing to do with BTC. He's famous for being the manager of Formula 1at Benetton and later at Renault. Briatore has luxury clubs in Costa Smeralda and Versilia.

Bitcoin Up is an automated Bitcoin trading platform that promises huge earnings. The only thing is advised to do is investing at least $250 to earn up to $2,500 a day.

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The system is explained by Bitcoin Up website. According to it, the site trades crypto assets in favour of the investor practising an algorithm. The algorithm is provided to the user after the deposit is done.

This sounds risky. Bitcoin Up also informs that the app is 99% automated. Anyway, we can't be sure if it's really possible to earn on platforms like that, but they are pretty popular. In any case, we think it's more preferable to research and avoid investing a lot of money on those sites.